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Course in visualization - NX & KeyShot

NX Rendering


1. Workflow

Utilize WAVE linking and color coding to ease your workflow before your render your model. This means to generate an associative copy of your assembly, and add the geometric details you need to create high quality images.


Download Pipe Assembly

2. Materials and lighting

Make a custom material and experiment with lighting. Use the Ray Tracing capability for the finalized image.


Download EarbudsDownload El-Guitar


3. HDRI and Backplate

Download this model (LandYacht) and try to match the model with a backplate like shown in the video.

Download Land Yacht


NX Visualization

Click here to learn more about NX Rendering

KeyShot Rendering


4. KeyShot introduction

Utilize the foundation we made in lesson 1 and import the render model from NX into KeyShot. In order to use the materials used in this session, please see the download link below to download the .kmp files for the different materials.


Download Materials



5. Case – 3D Mouse

Download the 3Dmouse below. Add an area light effect for the spheres within the model. Also create a custom brushed steel material for the mouse base by using the texture attached in the download file. Have a look at the video to recap what was done in class.


Download 3D Mouse


6. Render Passes

This is just a bonus video to show how you potentially can utilize Render Passes in photoshop to extract several layers of detail in a rendering.


Output Render Settings

Click this link to read about the output settings for your KeyShot Renders.