Modeling 2 – Lesson 2

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NX7.5 – Patterns


 Tags: Pattern, bisector datum plane, pipe connecting tips

 In this lesson, we’re going to introduce an important tool: Pattern Feature. It is perhaps unneccessary to  explain that this is a tool that allows you to copy features or bodies in various geometrical patterns. For instance, we’re going to take a look at how you can copy bodies along a customized curve, like on a roller chain(the parts for the roller chain can be downloaded below). In addition, we’re going to take a look at bisector placed datum plane, and how this is utilized.

You can make the model in the poster image above by following the drawings attached in the tab above.

After this lesson you can do the exercises below.





Exercise 8-9

Model the figure below.

Use Pattern feature (Instance feature in NX7.5) to place the holes. Note that because of the asymmetrical feature,  it is not possible to use a bisector placed datum plane to mirror one of the discs in this exercise.


Suggested Solution

Model the figure below.

Hint: Use Draft in the Extrude dialogue box for the angled hole in the center of the model.



Suggested Solution


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