Ship Administrator

8.1 - Summit Oppsett

Your shared configuration environment for NX.

8.2 - Client Installation

How to handle and maintain client installations reasonable.

8.3 - NX configuration

How to administrate ship relevant settings in NX.


8.4 - Im&Export to Teamcenter

Im-/ Export NX parts and assemblies to your Teamcenter database.

8.5 - Clone Assemblies

Clone existing assembly structures.

8.6 - Teamcenter: Basic

Control User, Groups and access in TC.

8.7 - Project Folders

Simple and clever project organization in Teamcenter to increase productivity.

8.8 - ReUse Library

How to organize and handle a ReUse Library (GA-standard parts).

8.9 - Ship Structure Library

Overview about the Ship Structure Steel library and how to customize it.



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7 – Visualization

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