Exercises in NX

Assembly Tips

When dealing with large assemblies, take advantage of the NX loading options in order to work more efficient with your design. By using partial loading and lightweight representation, you are simply loading a coarse facet model which frees your memory usage.

Take a look at the video to see the increase of performance.



Seconds spent loading the exact assembly geomtry

Seconds spent loading the same assembly using lightweight

Synchronous Technology

NX with synchronous technology allows you to create and edit 3D models with unparalleled speed and ease, even using models created with other CAD systems.

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Synchronous Modeling

Click here to learn more about Synchronous Technology

Freeform Modeling

Get moving with your organic shape designs by using the NX freeform tools. This exercise presents a quick concept mockup of a speaker using a combination of conventional modeling techniques together with x-form, surface meshes and splines.

See the video if you need to refresh what you saw in class.





Surface Modeling

Learn more about Surface Modeling


Learn to visualize your design and take important decisions based on material usage and aesthetic appearance.


Download EarbudsDownload El-Guitar



Click here to learn more about NX visualization

CAE – Meshing Techniques

See some basic meshing techniques in order to generate accurately representable FEM models.


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CAE Intro

Take the introduction course to CAE here.


KBE – Knowledge Based Engineering

Use parameters and features to create robust and reusable models in NX. By utilizing expressions and parameters in NX, you can make sure your designs can be reused in future projects.

See the video to see how you can parametrically control the geometry of a ladder.








PTS – Product Template Studio

Utilize the parameters you defined in the previous exercise to create a template for your design. This means that you will create your own dialogue box, based on the ladder, which makes your model easy for anyone to reuse.

See the video to see how you can make your own graphic user interface (GUI).


Download the ladder