NX Realize Shape – Lesson 5

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Lesson 5
Tool in depth
– Transform Cage –


Lesson 5 -Importing OBJ Wavefront files

Models can be downloaded at www.turbosquid.com

Tags: Realize Shape, obj wavefront, transform quicktip

In this fifth and final lesson in the NX Realize Shape course, we’ll look at how we can import and manipulate geometry from the OBJ Wavefront format.

We’ll have a look at the following:

00:15 – Introduction
01:15 – Importing a coarse mesh (head)
01:55 – Transform filtering tips (falloff object)
03:15 – Importing a multibody subdivision model (chair)
03:40 – Making an assembly of the subdivision models


  1. Forvent mer bedre og mer detaljert tutorial, takket være forfatterens engasjement, som dette, Cheers!


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