NX Realize Shape – Lesson 4

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Lesson 4 -Design Configurations

(NX10 only)

Tags: Realize Shape, Handheld Vacuum, Product Design, Design Configurations

In a product design process, it’s important being able to quickly generate multiple design configurations in order to make sure you find the the design which adds a company identity and aesthetic appeal. In this tutorial, we’ll have a look at how you can achieve this by utilizing NX assembly functionality. The model used as a basis for this tutorial can be downloaded via the link on top.

In detail, we will cover the following:

00:09 – Introduction
00:42 – Setting up the foundation
01:09 – Pattern Component
01:37 – Make parts unique
02:33 – Working in assembly context
03:34 – Working isolated with a configuration
04:00 – Modeling technique recommendation
05:30 – Effective cage face selection
06:10 – Speed modeling
07:10 – Results

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  1. This is another great tutorial, showing some nice tips.


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