Modeling 2 – Lesson 6

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NX7.5 – Drafting


Tags: Drafting, detail view, font size, tolerances

In this lesson, we’re going to have a closer look at drafting in NX. We’ll see how you can add an enhanced view of a detail, also known as Detailed View. In addition to this, we will se how we can change font sizes and how to add tolerances.

It is recommended that you repeat lesson 11 in Modeling 1 if you need to refresh the basics of drafting in NX.

For NTNU students: Download the drafting templates below:

A4 template A3 template

After this lesson, do the exercises below. 


Exercise 16-17

Make a machine drawing of the model below. Try to uncheck Smooth Lines for your final result.

You can download the file if you desire, but try modeling it yourself.


Make a machine drawing of the model below. This is the same model which you made in exercise 6. Use the template provided.




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