Modeling 2 – Lesson 5

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NX7.5 – Surface modeling


Tags: Surface modeling, ruled, bounded plane, through curves mesh, offset surface, trimmed surface, face blend, thicken

In lesson 5, we will introduce surface modeling. We are not going to go deep into the functionality of the tools, since we have a separate course for that. A surface in NX CAD is defined as a model without any mass. In other words: An infinitely thin surface. The following tools are introduced in this lesson:

  • Ruled
  • Bounded Plane
  • Through Curves
  • Through Curves Mesh
  • Offset Surface
  • Trimmed Surface
  • Face Blend
  • Thicken

After this lesson, do the exercises below. The suggested solutions provided with these exercises may provide you additional tools that we don’t present in the lesson.


Exercise 13

Model the shape below using surface modeling tools. Thickness for the surface walls are not necessary.

Suggested Solution for exercise 13


Exercise 14

Model this racket using surface modeling tools.  This is a tricky exercise, so we recommend looking at the suggested solution if you are stuck.

Suggested Solution for exercise 14


Exercise 15

Model this surface model. You can add a thickness of 1mm using Thicken when you are done with the shape.


Suggested Solution for exercise 15

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