Modeling 2 – Lesson 4

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NX7.5 – Assemblies


Tags: Assembly, bottom-up, exploded view, component array

In this lesson, we shall put together some parts that eventually will become the radial engine as in the picture above. For this assembly, we will use the bottom-up method, which is more common to use compared with the top-down. We are also going to introduce the constraint Angle. In addition to this, we will introduce Exploded view of an assembly. This is a way to separate the parts from each other, to see how the components are put together. Finally, we will take a look at Component Array, which allows you to add components in a linear or circular pattern.

Click the link below to download the parts for this lesson, or try to draw them yourself by navigating using the tabs above (arrows on tablet/phone).

After this lesson, do the exercises below.




Exercise 11

Model the parts and put them together into an assembly file. Remember to put all part files in the same folder.

You can download the parts here if you don’t want to model them yourself.

Suggested Solution for exercise 11


Exercise 12

Make an exploded view of the assembly as shown on the first picture below.

You can download the parts here if you don’t want to model them yourself.

Suggested Solution for exercise 12


  1. Exercise 12 and Exercise 1 Exercise documents can not be downloaded

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