Modeling 2 – Lesson 3

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NX7.5 – Assemblies


 Tags: Assembly, top-down, constraints, concentric, touch align, distance, perpendicular, sub-assembly

We shall, for this and the next lesson, go more in depth of assemblies. There is mainly two ways to handle an assembly, top-down and bottom-up. In this lesson, we will focus on top-down. There will also be an introduction to several assembly constraints: concentric, touch alighn, distance and perpendicular. There will also be an introduction to what a sub assembly is. 

You may try model the piston rod depicted above by clicking on the attached lesson drawing in the tab above (scroll if you are on tablet/phone). If you just want to assemble the model, download the parts below.

After this lesson you can do the exercise below.






Exercise 10

Model and assemble the figure below using the top-down method.

Suggested Solution for exercise 10

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