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Introduction to NX9

Tags: Introduction, menu overview, mouse navigation

This first lesson will cover the very basics in NX. This includes an overview of the menus, as well as a quick introduction in navigating with the mouse.

The lesson in NX8 is not available in english speech, but subtitles are provided (Use the CC button in the video interface).  


  1. The Selection bar is now called the Top Border bar, which includes the Selection group, as well as the View group, etc.

    • Thanks Mark. It’s noted. Thank you for your feedback!

  2. 3:20- The descriptions of the displayed coordinate systems is not quite right. In the middle of the screen, there are actually two things displayed; (1) a datum coordinate system as described, and (2) the WCS (Work Coordinate System). The WCS is not used very often. Type W as a shortcut to turn off the WCS so it does not clutter the display and cause confusion. (In newer versions of NX, it is off by default in a new Model template.) In the lower left corner of the window is the View Triad. It is not correct to call this a reference coordinate system. It functions as described, but you can also rotate about its axes by dragging on its axes with the middle mouse button. This is useful for example, to rotate only about the global Y axis.

    • Yes, this is true, and it’s actually a reason we have chosen not to emphasize the WCS-functionality at all, given the reasons you have just noted: To avoid confusion. We believe that an introduction course should stay clear of some elements, and that these may come at a later stage when the student feel more comfortable in the NX-environment.

      Thanks for all your feedback though. We really appreciate it!

      (Haven’t actually noticed that it is now off by default in NX10, thanks)


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